Ralph Fiennes & Mystery Date Spotted at NYC Restaurant: Exclusive

We’ve got another exclusive eating habits of the stars post from our resident restaurant snitch! Check it out…

So a mystery call came in that there would be a party of 2 joining us and they wanted to preorder their food because they were in a rush.  This mystery caller orders a NY Strip, Pumpkin Ravioli, Garlic Fries, Sea Scallops and a bottle of Barolo.  So guess who walks in Ralph Fiennes and date.  They sit in the Card Room, which was empty.  All of a sudden they’re joined by about 8 other people all in a rush that need to leave in 30 min.  One of the guests looked a lot like Lena Olin, but I could not confirm it..the accent didn’t sound like hers.  A Ralph had a completely shaved head…maybe he filmed some more Lord Voldemort scenes??? who knows?  I suspect they were all going to a premiere or screening of some sort.  As they were all leaving, Raph was kissing and hugging his date from earlier.  I cannot identify this mystery woman, who was rocking the Joan Jett hairdo!

Interesting.  Wonder who the mystery woman was?