Ed Westwick Goes to a Gay Bar

This is devastating news and, no, I am not insinuating that Ed Westwick, aka my 2nd favorite dirty British boy, is gay.  He’s not, I mean, he might be, but I don’t think so and that’s not the point.  This little piece of news is particularly devastating because Ed Westwick was at a gay bar last night that I have frequented in the past.  Last night he was spotted hanging out at Marie’s Crisis on Christopher Street in the West Village.  For those who don’t know it’s a lovingly, divey piano bar where both gays and girls who love showtunes go to sing around the piano.  It’s mildly tragic at times, but everyone there tends to be really nice and it totally wins you over to be around people like that.

Living in NYC, you know there are celebrities all over the place, just not in your little version of NY.  Seriously, depending on your salary, field of employment, subculture and vice preference, there are thousands of different “kinds” of NYC.  My New York City doesn’t have real life celebrities in it…until now…on a night when I was at home baking cookies.  Shoot me now.


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In heartbreaking news, there is a Gossip Girl hook-up that involves my second favorite dirty British boy.  Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr (who plays Vanessa on the show) were seen kissing in an airport in Dallas as they made their way back to NYC after spending Thanksgiving with Chase Crawford’s family.

Speaking of GG, Serena’s mom, aka Kelly Rutherford, is preggers again. Congrats.

For you fashionistas out there, a rumor has been circulating that Anna Wintour will be getting the ax from Vogue. Yeah, I don’t care, but you might.

Everyone’s favorite maybe bisexual, Lindsay Lohan took it to the blogs to let us know that she and Samantha Ronson did not break up. Wait – I thought they weren’t together? So, how could they break up? Damn, if that’s how it works, I have an announcement I would like you all to know:

Rob Pattinson (because apparently he goes by Rob and not Robert now) and I are NOT breaking up. 🙂

In related Rob Pattinson news (seriously, why change it from Robert? Rob sounds like a douche-y investment banker whereas Robert sounds like an ethereal being sent here for all of us to gaze upon…sort of), Socialite Life has some pics of him and his ex Camilla Belle hanging out in LA. Not to fear though, she’s dating one of the Jonai now – which I don’t get. How can you go from RP to a Jonas Brother? Isn’t that like switching from a Real Doll to a Barbie?

And the weirdest gossip I read today was about Tom Cruise merging his family with the Beckham’s in some special ceremony. I say special in the “kid who ate glue and smelled like pee in the 3rd grade” way and not the “ooh, isn’t that special, you got me a puppy” way. It was his Thanksgiving present to the Beckham family to show his commitment to their family and friendship.

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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are fighting…again…over Lindsay flirting with some guy.  This story pops up about every other week with a different guy.  This time is was her ex Calum Best.  They danced together at a club in London and then Lindsay and Sam got into a fight in the car on the way home.  I don’t want to ruffle any feathers with this comment, but this is kinda what most of my lesbian friends do with their girlfriends.  One or both of them gets drunk, one of them talks to someone – it doesn’t really matter who, bonus points if it’s an ex-girlfriend, the other one gets even drunker and they get into a big fight.  That’s the part we see and what the bloggers are constantly reporting with L. Ron.  What they don’t see is the fight aftermath that happens at home.  They yell a little.  Then, they talk about it…and keep talking about it.  Then they have make up sex.  Fighting is like GHB for lesbians.  At least the ones I know.

Apparently, Tom Cruise’s new movie “Valkyrie” really sucks and he’s really bad in it.  This is kind of old news but I wanted to bring it up again because I watched “Interview With A Vampire” this weekend.  I used to be obsessed with both that movie and Tom Cruise.  Rewatching it was mildly painful.  Tom was really bad in it and I never knew.  I think it’s a case of once you know someone is crazy, the crazy eyes are impossible to ignore.

A big congrats to Ed Westwick and Robert Pattinson for making People’s Sexiest Men Alive list.  There are some other hot f*cks on the list plus Mark Paul Gosselaar (?).

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The big story of the day is Jennifer Aniston and, surprisingly, it has nothing to do with her horseyc*cked lover.  In an interview with Vogue magazine, JenAn publicly commented (for one of the first times, I think) on the whole Brangelina sitch.  She is quoted as saying:

“What Angelina did was very uncool.  There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening. I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss. That stuff about how she couldn’t wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool.”

Good for her.  It was uncool.  ‘Nuff said.  Way to keep it classy, Aniston.  She really could have thrown the punches but I think this is a good way to comment on the whole situation.  If she was more passionate or mean spirited in her response people would really rip her to shreds.  Now let’s wait and see if Zeus throws a thunderbolt at her house for daring to speak out against the woman that stole her husband…oh wait, I mean the wonderous and mighty Angelina.

Whoops!  I spoke to soon.  As I was writing this, Dlisted just added another quote from her interview and it is about horseyc*ck.

People need to mind their own business! Did you ever think Claudia Schiffer and David Copperfield made sense? Love just shows up.”

Exactly!  Love just shows up…at the base of a 10 inch c*ck.

The NY Daily News is reporting that Juliette Lewis totally passed on an opportunity to hit it with my 2nd favorite dirty british boy, Ed Westwick, at a Killers concert in NYC.  Apparently, he was trying to chat her up and she responded with “Who is this guy?”.  WHAT!?!  Has the Scientology started to rot out her vagina along with her brain?  It wouldn’t matter if he’s the drunk dude who hangs out on my stoop, he’s hot.  Seriously, if that drunk dude looked like Ed Westwick, I would totally take him up on the various offers he routinely makes me.  Oh, Juliette, how I used to love thee.

Oh a lighter note, little Jayden James Federline is out of the hospital.  And, because Britney is a genius, she celebrated by taking him to a gator farm.

If you’ve got a hot second to kill, check out the Robert Pattinson drunk pictures on TMZ.  My personal fave is photo 2.  He’s got a nice tongue. Oh, and you’re welcome.

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Is Lindsay Lohan starting to crave a little more than Samantha Ronson and her Hitachi Magic Wand?  There are some not so veiled blind items paired with stories about Lindsay Lohan flirting with Chase Crawford that lead us to believe not all is well is their sapphic paradise.  I don’t if this is true but I do think it’s just a matter of time before Lindsay returns to c*ck.  If this is true, it makes sense that she goes for Chase Crawford because he is so darn pretty and delicate.  Personally, I like ‘em a little dirtier…like Ed Westwick.  Yum.   Just for fun I posted a pic of him and my other obsession Robert Pattinson above.  They both look a little worse for wear but it’s cool – I can just imagine it’s what they would look like after a night naughty fun.  Mmm…I really do like ’em dirty.

Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud was seen out and about for the second time this week with Giants cornerback Jason Bell.  I’m probably the only one who cares about this but I had to post it because I lurve, lurve, lurve Girls Aloud and Nadine is my fav.

More Baby News!  Alyson Hannigan is pregnant.  I really like her.  Most people adore her from her stint as Willow from Buffy or as “band girl” from American Pie but I didn’t start digging her until I started watching How I Met Your Mother.  Seriously, if you haven’t watched that show, it’s really great.  Neil Patrick Harris is killer on it.  All the episodes are available to watch online at cbs.com.

Even More Potential Baby News!  Those pregnancy rumors I told you about and quickly dismissed are picking up steam.  There are pics of Jennifer Aniston sporting a little bump on her belly.  I’m still not convinced.  I know that I personally always put on a little bloat when I’m getting some regularly.  Guys always want to eat so you end up going out to restaurants or ordering in which is ALWAYS more fattening than sitting home alone eating a bottle of sauvignon blanc and half a pack of smokes for dinner.  Until I see proof, I’m gonna think it’s just sex bloat.

This one is for the Claymates who’ve been blowing up my site after yesterday’s post.  (Btw…thanks for reading guys!)  My friend over at Could You Imagine? confirmed yesterday that Clay Aiken was dropped from his record label.  If they did this because of low sales, that’s fine, but if it’s because of his recent coming out, that is a whole world of wrong.  Why don’t all of his hardcore fans take it from the blogs to the streets and stand up for him?  So what if he’s gay?  He’s like our generation’s Barry Manilow – ya know, minus the songwriting skills.

Hottie of the Day

Would you like something a little sweet to go with your non-fat latte?  This video combines three of my favorite things – Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick and the music of Britney Spears.  Check it out and thank me later.