T.R. Knight Walks Off Grey’s Anatomy Set!?!

Crazy Days and Nights is reporting that details are emerging that T.R. Knight walked off the set of Grey’s Anatomy. Nothing more than that now. If this is true, it’s so out of left field. Rumors have been circulating that someone was gonna get kicked off the show but we all thought it was going to be Katherine Heigl. Not George O’Malley!

UPDATE: The CDAN source says:  “He hasn’t attended table reads since episode 2. He is pissed and miserable and thinks his story line is stupid. He said goodbye to his hair and makeup people last week. He says he is done and has quit. ABC has not released him. Shondra Rhimes, the producer called him and he told her he had nothing to say. He has packed his dressing room.”

Very interesting.  I would expect this from Heigl because she is apparently the 5th highest paid actress in the world (I know!  It’s kind of unbelievable!) but what else does T.R. Knight have going on?  Except his rent boy of course, but them’s is expensive so he needs to keep his job.


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