It’s Not That I Tried To Forget Sleeping With You

File this one under another story from the not so glamorous dating world of NYC.  At a party this weekend, this guy I slept with like six months ago showed up.  We’ll call him Motor, but only because he likes cars.  No sexual innuendo implied – if I wanted to give him a nickname based on our moments together I would probably call him the Giggler.  ANYWAY, back to the party.  He shows up and it’s not a big deal.  He doesn’t talk to me, I don’t talk to him.  That is, until our mutual friend “reminds” him that he slept with me.  I did not ask her to do it but whatevs.  Two seconds later he’s at my side apologizing for not saying hi to me sooner.  I tell him, “No worries. Seriously.  Don’t worry about it.”  And, I meant it.  There was nothing special between us.  We were both horny, knew the other was down for it, and went for it.

For some reason, guys in NY, probably American guys in general, all think that if a girl sleeps with you she wants more than that.  Often that is the case, but fellas, if a girl tells you to your face that it was just about the sex, please, please, please believe her.  Especially girls in their late 20s who’ve been around the block a couple of times.  Chances are, if we like you, we probably wouldn’t sleep with you immediately anyway…or at least we’d try not to.   And, if we do sleep with you immediately and have real feelings for you we probably will not wake up super early in the morning and peace out, never leaving you with our phone number.  Ok, once again back to the party and the funny part of this story…Motor and I find ourselves alone together for a second and the following exchange takes place:

Motor: So, yeah, sorry again for not recognizing you.

Me: Again, no worries.  I wasn’t sure that I would recognize you so it’s cool.

Motor: I just have a really, really bad memory.

Me: Me too.  I totally know how it is.  Don’t worry about it.

Motor: Actually, now that we’re here talking, flashes are coming back to me.  We had a really good time, didn’t we?

Me: Sure, we did.  We spent a very pleasant 6 hours together.  That’s all it was so stop worrying about it.  We’re cool.

Motor:  Did I get your number?

Me: No, you didn’t ask and I didn’t offer.

Motor: Well, again, I’m really sorry for not recognizing you.

Me (again): It’s all good.

Motor:  Cause you know, you are an attractive girl.  I just want you to know that it’s not like you are the kind of girl I would try to forget having sex with.  I would want to remember having sex with you.  You’re hot.  I just wanted you to know that, it’s not cause I think you are ugly or anything, I just have a really bad memory.

Me (after a pause): Thanks, I guess.  Ok.  Now that that is settled, I’m gonna head out.  Bye.

Then I grabbed the closest homo I could find and went dancing…at another bar.


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