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Daily Celeb Round Up

In heartbreaking news, there is a Gossip Girl hook-up that involves my second favorite dirty British boy.  Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr (who plays Vanessa on the show) were seen kissing in an airport in Dallas as they made their way back to NYC after spending Thanksgiving with Chase Crawford’s family.

Speaking of GG, Serena’s mom, aka Kelly Rutherford, is preggers again. Congrats.

For you fashionistas out there, a rumor has been circulating that Anna Wintour will be getting the ax from Vogue. Yeah, I don’t care, but you might.

Everyone’s favorite maybe bisexual, Lindsay Lohan took it to the blogs to let us know that she and Samantha Ronson did not break up. Wait – I thought they weren’t together? So, how could they break up? Damn, if that’s how it works, I have an announcement I would like you all to know:

Rob Pattinson (because apparently he goes by Rob and not Robert now) and I are NOT breaking up. 🙂

In related Rob Pattinson news (seriously, why change it from Robert? Rob sounds like a douche-y investment banker whereas Robert sounds like an ethereal being sent here for all of us to gaze upon…sort of), Socialite Life has some pics of him and his ex Camilla Belle hanging out in LA. Not to fear though, she’s dating one of the Jonai now – which I don’t get. How can you go from RP to a Jonas Brother? Isn’t that like switching from a Real Doll to a Barbie?

And the weirdest gossip I read today was about Tom Cruise merging his family with the Beckham’s in some special ceremony. I say special in the “kid who ate glue and smelled like pee in the 3rd grade” way and not the “ooh, isn’t that special, you got me a puppy” way. It was his Thanksgiving present to the Beckham family to show his commitment to their family and friendship.


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