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Daily Celeb Round Up

Ashlee Simpson is still pregnant.  I feel like she’s been preggers for an eternity.  Anyway, Jessica told Ellen that Ashlee might have to induce labor because the baby is not budging.  Would you be in such a rush to join the world if you knew your parents shared were Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz?  Or, that your grandpa was Joe Simpson?

Today’s daily dose of Britney comes from a course close to Madonna.  According to AbsoluteNow.com “Britney asked Madonna if she will ever marry again after her split from Guy. Madonna not only said she wouldn’t but told Britney to forget about marriage. She said it just doesn’t work for girls like them.  Madonna clearly sees a lot of herself in Britney because she seems very eager to help her.” I have one thing to say to Madonna – BUTT THE F OUT.  Her presence really doesn’t do anything for Brit and, dare I ask, what does Madonna know about relationships?  Seems all of hers always fail.  That’s like someone asking me how to get a guy to treat them like a lady.  I don’t know how to do it so I butt the F out when people ask.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, and Jeff Marx, co-creator of Avenue Q, are writing a Broadway musical called Mormon Musical.  Genius.  I hope they are putting more effort into this than the new season of South Park, which in my opinion kinda blows these days.

Wanda Sykes came out of the closet at the Las Vegas Prop 8 rally this weekend.  She got married to her wife on October 25th.  Congrats Wanda!

Kelly Osbourne is engaged to her model boyfriend, Luke Worall.  Word spread after her fiancé changed his status on facebook to “engaged to Kelly Osbourne”.  Oh, facebook.  It really is an added challenge to the dating game.  Like, when you hook up with a guy and he friends you.  Are you supposed to reach out to him?  Wait for him to reach out to you?  Does getting added as a friend even mean anything?  And, what if he does reach out to you but it’s a wall post vs. an email?  So confusing.

Tyra Banks is going to give Isis King, the transgendered woman from this season’s ANTM, the sexual reassignment surgery that she can’t afford.  This is actually super nice and warm my cold, black heart just a little.  Of course, the gift is going to be wrapped up in a Tyra episode on the topic.

The following people may or may not be:

Mariah Carey – pregnant

Mark Cuban – guilty of insider trading

Heather Locklear (love her!) – pill popper

Hillary Clinton – our new Secretary of State


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