Daily Dish

Does anyone else watch The Bachelor?  I started watching it a couple of years ago and I’m still not sure why.  I’m partly fascinated by the girls and what they say their ages are.  Most of my girlfriends are drunken sluts who smoke and we all look younger than those girls.  Even with all the makeup and stage lighting most of them look like they were rode hard and put away wet.  Anyway, I digress.  In a surprising change of form, one of the “couples” who broke up after the final show actually got back together.  2005 Bachelor Charlie O’Connell and Sarah Brice are back together.  They were spotted walking their dogs together in LA.  Can I get a collective “Aww”?  Oh, and on another note…I hear that the producers always have a little trouble getting girls for the show because there is a “no herpes” clause and most people have it.  I wonder if they have a “no crabs” rule for those VH1 dating shows?

Speaking of which – Pumkin aka Brooke Thompson is engaged to some security dude.  Kinda gives all of us dirty skanks a little hope in our cold, black hearts.

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Brad Pitt called Jennifer Aniston because he wasn’t pleased about the Vogue article.  If this is true, WTF?  Seriously, it’s like when my ex gets mad that I publicly call the girl he “had a close friendship” with before we broke up (and started “f-ing” nearly immediately after we broke up) a muppet horsey faced b!tch.  It’s the right of the slighted woman to talk a little sh!t.  It’s all part of the fun.

There’s other news but all this talk of herpes and ex-boyfriends makes me want a drink.  Yay, happy hour.  Here’s a very brief synopsis of the rest:

  • Sandra Bullock‘s stalker got convicted.  B!tch was crazy and tried to run down Sandy’s husband and used to lay palm fronds with dead animal skins on her lawn.
  • Lindsay Lohan‘s ex-bf showed up at her lady friend’s gig last night.
  • Kanye West is angry again about some award show because they gave him and Britney Spears an award.
  • PETA is pissed off at the Olsen‘s for wearing fur.  Here! Here!
  • The pregnant guy is pregnant again.  Maybe he had an identity crisis?  He was just a dude after he gave birth.

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