Blind Items

As easy one from Perez:

What reality TV “star” was so desperate to have her barely watched show renewed that she agreed to a 70% pay cut for the second season????

That’s pretty obviously Denise Richards.

From Crazy Days and Nights:

Even an A lister gets unlucky sometimes. There was some previous discussion whether this individual is actually A list. If he isn’t A then he is right on the cusp. Apparently all the women surrounding his table thought he was A list or at least wanted him to think so. Allegedly dating someone everyone thought he was behaving himself except in the drinking department until a model walked by. He immediately ran over to the model and began trying to hit on her. Apparently though she didn’t know who he was. When he informed her drunkenly who he was and what he had been in, she said, “I don’t really care. Plus if you need to list your accomplishments to get a date, you really have not accomplished all that much.” It would have been nice if this had been a quiet conversation, but unfortunately for our film the entire group surrounding the table all heard it. Nice.

I have no clue.  Any ideas?  Some people on the message boards were saying Ryan Gosling because he may or may not still be dating Rachel McAdams.  I can see how people wouldn’t readily recognize him but I think he’s deffo A list.  Hmm…

Another toughie from Awful Truth:

As we have made abundantly clear, there are a ton of closeted gay actors and performers in this business.

And whether or not these sexually deceiving dudes choose to be public about their shenanigans, usually their reps—managers, publicists, agents, gardeners, etc.—find out via some email or some shocked coworker that their client goes homo. Not so with Oded Good-Head

His manager discovered the boy likes to do it with other boys by walking in on Oded in his dressing room! Was most awkward, too, as the man who was being serviced by Mr. Good-Head—who has quite the reputation with the girlies, not to mention multitalents in front of concert audiences and movie cameras alike—saw the manager first.

Very whuh-whoh kinda sitch, ya know?

Poor Od-y didn’t notice his 10 percent guy was standing right there until his latest surreptitious conquest pulled him up and away from what the awfully good-looking performer was so earnestly doing.

End result? Fellatio interruptus—and new pics of Oded and assorted chickies coming out soon in Us Weekly and other razor-sharp standards of Hollywood journalism.

Ok, so he’s a boy and he’s does concerts and acts.  My first thought was Justin Timberlake, but then it could be Zac Efron, Chris Brown or any others.  Thoughts?


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