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Who Sienna should have been F-ing instead of the married dude

Who Sienna should have been F-ing instead of the married dude

Sienna Miller confirmed that she is now single. Word on the street is Balthazar Getty is going back to his wife. I’m only mentioning this because this weekend I watched about 6 hours of that show Brothers & Sisters. Sienna should use her magical vagina claws to grab up the guy that plays Justin on the show. I just Googled him – the name is Dave Annable and he’s a cutie. That’s a picture of him above with a dog to make you swoon. Happy Monday!  Oh, and remember ladies & gents, f-ing a married dude never works out for anybody.

Britney’s tatertot Jayden James is in the hospital but it’s not as serious as other sites were reporting this morning.  Turns out that little JJ just ate something that didn’t agree with him.  He DID NOT have a seizure and K-Fed is NOT on his way to Louisiana.  JJ will likely be discharged tomorrow.

In other Britney news, she will be spending Thanksgiving in Europe. According to her official website, she’s going over to Europe to perform on Star Academy in France and X Factor in the UK. This is really very exciting news, y’all. It’s a sound decision by her team to have her first performances be on European shows. Sure, we will all get to see the You Tube clips, but the audiences over there tend to be a little nicer and less critical than here in the states.  This comeback is really happening.       

Mariah Carey told the Daily Mirror that her and her baby-hubby Nick Cannon did not have sex until after they were married.  And there you have it. Golddiggers of the world take note.  Nick did this thing right.

Lindsay Lohan told Harper’s Bazaar that she is a bi-sexual.  Well, maybe.  Yeah, she is.   But, maybe.  Yeah.  And she also told them she is definitely not a lesbian.


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