Daily Dish


Britney Spears did show up at Madonna’s concert last night and sand a little bit of Human Nature with her. Everybody thinks this is super exciting news but I gotta say I’m not too thrilled by it. First, while Britney did wash her hair and had makeup on, she didn’t look all that. Notice how Madonna’s people put her in an outfit that makes her look like a 170 pound school marm. Second, I’m convinced Madonna drinks the blood of younger stars to maintain her fame and relevance. (Has anyone seen that chicks arm veins? That ain’t right.) Did anyone notice how everything sort of went downhill for Britney after Me Against the Music? Just aksin….

And the winner of the latest most ridiculous Jennifer Aniston rumor award goes to Star Magazine. The rag is reporting that JenAn has been having secret fertility treatments to get pregnant with her horsec*ck, I mean, John Mayer. But, wait, it doesn’t end there. I’ve bulleted all the rumors in their one story so you can keep track

  • JenAn has proposed to John Mayer
  • John Mayer has ordered pregnancy and parenting books
  • JenAn froze her eggs in case she was single at 40
  • JenAn’s been having alternative medicine treatments to improve fertility
  • JenAn is obsessed with having twins and is eating milk and beef to increase her chances

Phew…that was a lot for one little story. I wonder if US Weekly outsold them last week and they are trying to increase circulation?

It’s a slow news day y’all and I’ve actually got some work to do.  Surprise, surprise.


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