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Justin Bartha

Justin Bartha

While I was away, there was a rumor that Ashley Olsen was getting married.  Now, her people have come out to deny that rumor.  Thank god!  Home girl is like a bajillionnaire and does not need to be playing around with that stuff, pre-nup or not.  The good thing to come out of this rumor is the fact that I now know who Justin Bartha (the boyfriend) is and he is a damn hottie.  I’ve posted his picture above.   Mmm…mommy likes.

My obsession Robert Pattinson (again, I promise this is not turning into a fansite) has been all over the place this past weekend.  He was here in NYC doing his rounds.  Apparently, his hair is so fantastic that he never washes it.  He told some reporters at a press conference that he hasn’t washed it in 6 weeks.  Now, at first, I thought this was gross but then, I thought back to this Belgian bisexual (known in future posts as “The Belge”) I used to bone and remembered the feel of his gross, unwashed, overly gelled hair and the sensation took me to my warm place.  Mmm…dirty boys.  Dirty, dirty European boys…

Ok, I’m back.  Just needed a moment there.  Phew…let’s see what else has been going on.

Kendra Wilkinson, one of the Girls Next Door, is engaged to football player Hank Baskett.  Hef’s former HBIC, Holly Madison has also officially stepped out with craptastic magician, Chris Angel.  Maybe now we can stop hearing about them.

Kim Catrall was on a British talk show and told them that another Sex and the City movie is in the works.  I’m not gonna play – I love this show and am excited for the news.  I rewatch that stuff all the time on HBO On Demand.  Woot.

Simon Cowell and his perma-girlfriend Terri Whatshername broke up and he gave her $9,000,000 as a lovely parting gift.  I think that works out to $1,000,000 a year.  I think he’s disgusting but I would suck on his man breasts for that kind of cash.  I would let him sit on my lap at restaurants so he could look taller.  Just saying.  Nobody need cry for Terri.

Finally, in Spears news, there are reports that B is going to perform Human Nature with Madonna tonight at Madge’s concert in LA.  Justin Timberlake is also reportedly performing a duet with Madonna.  It’s highly doubtful that B and Justin will perform together.


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