NKOTB Concert: The Review

The NKOTB concert at Madison Square Garden was amazing.  Like, beyond amazing.  We were trying to play it a little cool, but the second the pyrotechnics started before they got on stage we were screaming like eight year old girls.  Here’s the official Not So Glamorous review…

Lady Gaga was the first opening act.  I like her single but I don’t quite understand why everyone is so obsessed with her right now.  (Maybe just because Perez keeps cramming her down our throats?)  I’ve posted a pic below and you can see how her set would be really impressive and cool when done in a club but it just didn’t translate to Madison Square Garden.  I will say she did look smoking hot and the girl has amazing legs.  Her backup dancers were off timing wise and just generally looked like a hot mess.  It’s probably another problem with translating a club show to a massive arena but, frankly, I could put together a better crew of boys just by combing the dance floor of Sugarland on a Saturday night. She was also a little annoying when she made a big announcement of “Tonight a star is born!” in reference to herself.  No, sweetie, tonight you opened up for the star who opened up for NKOTB.

Natasha Bedingfield was the second opening act.  It was boring but she did a good job – even though there were times it felt like she was screaming at me.  Sister’s got a really big voice.  Her new haircut is BUSTED!  It looks like someone took a weed wacker to one side of head.

New Kids on the Block was, again, amazing.  They rightly refer to themselves as “The Block” now instead of the “New Kids”.  Like I said before, I was shocked by how darn right exciting it was.  When you think about it, the average girl (and some boys) my age spent years of her childhood imaging growing up and being married to one of these guys.  I used to get into fistfights with my cousin over which one of us got Jordan as her husband when we played house.  She was bigger and usually won so my affections quickly turned to Jon.  Anyway, you couldn’t even hear their first song because everybody was screaming like crazy.  Here’s a pic of their entrance:

Thanks to American Express pre-sale we had floor seats about 100 yards away from the stage.  They really gave their all to the audience.  They sang everysong you wanted them to sing and only made us listen to about 4 of the songs from the new album.  Jordan even got to do that single he came out with like 10 years ago.  That shizz is my jam still.  Anyway, so one of the most exciting parts of the night was when we noticed a piano on a small round stage in the center of the floor…oh, only about 25 feet from us.  We were so ridiculously close.  Here’s my favorite picture from the small stage.  You can see how much fun they are having with the whole thing:

It was interesting that all the guys slipped right back into their old roles.  Now, I’m gonna break each of ’em down for ya, after the jump.

Donnie – Never being a big Donnie fan I was surprised by how big is role is in the group.  He’s the undisputed master of ceremonies and still the bad boy.  During his version of “Cover Girl” he took his pants off and made the camera man zoom in on his boxer shorts while he did a booty dance for us.  There was also a cool moment where he showed NY just how much he loves us by taking off his Red Sox cap and put on a Yankees hat.  The crowd went wiggity-wild for that.  Even I did and I absolutely abhor baseball.  Here’s a fun pic from when they were close to us.  Yes, some girl did ask security for that water bottle.

Jordan – Screw my cousin, Jordan is my favorite again.  He is so super hot it was surprising.  At one point, he had a white shirt, unbuttoned with a wind machine blowing it open (so cliche I love it) and, man, his chest is banging.  He’s got the torso of a Ken doll – great pecs, good abs.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t have the crotch of a Ken doll.  Anwyay, he can still hit all the high notes in all of the songs and he was, by far, the best dancer in the group.  Here are two fun pics of him – one close and one when he was singing “I’ll Be Loving You”.

Joey – I’ve never been the biggest Joey fan but could definitely see the appeal.  He can also sing really well.  They let him do two of his songs and he can seriously wail.  At one point there was a gospel chorus with him.  He also played into his role as the “kid”.  He was just having so much fun with everything, always smiling, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great pic of him.

Danny – I’ve always had a huge soft spot in my heart for Danny because no one ever really had a crush on him.  He did a solid job during the show and had a really touching moment where he talked about his mom who recently passed away from breast cancer.  They were selling pink NKOTB tank tops with proceeds going towards the cause.

Jon – He was always my favorite so it was cool to see him but I have to say that it was blatantly obvious he was only there for the rest of the guys.  For those of you who don’t know, he was seriously plagued by anxiety issues towards the end of the old New Kids and has really stayed out of the spotlight.  What I can say about his performance was that he showed up and did his job which is all we can ask for.  It was really cool to see those moments where he let his guard down and laughed with the other guys.  My favorite of him is the one I posted earlier but here’s another solo one for the other Jon fans out there.

There you have it…my official review.  In a word, AWESOME.  My arms still hurt from waving them around during Hangin’ Tough.


2 Responses to “NKOTB Concert: The Review”

  1. Daily Dish « Notsoglamorous’s Weblog Says:

    […] I’ve talked smack about Lady Gaga before but Christina has totally “borrowed” her look.  I’m not saying Christina herself […]

  2. Melinda Says:

    I think I am way too late to comment on this review of yours but darn I just can’t help it – I am saddened by the fact that not everyone welcomed their return but heck WHO CARES? I believe hundreds of thousands of fans who went to their concerts can testify that they are not that old to be doing the stuff they did from way back. Man, if my Dad looked anything close to these guys I swear! lol. NKOTB had proven their worth in the music business and respect should be given to them. Just like the beatles, they have created an indelible mark in our hearts.

    I am a Jordan fan too – haha and my gosh i think he is even hotter now 😀 Thanks so much for this review.

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