Daily Dish

Star Magazine is reporting that Angelina is getting jealous because Brad has been spending a lot of time with his ‘Inglorious Bastard” costar Diane Kruger (who was also in “Troy” with him).  Apparently she whispered in his ear or something at a dinner.  While I do believe you need to be careful about stealing a man from another woman because it’s a karmic rule that he’ll then get stolen from you but, I do not believe this.  There needs to be more proof.  I think whispering is really rude but sometimes you have to do it, especially at dinner.  She could have been asking for a tampon, talking about needing to make a major #2 or politely asking him to stop talking about his children (because breeders always want to talk about diapers and spelling tests).  Oh, and of course this gives the gossip world another opportunity to talk about poor, poor Jennifer Aniston.  PLEASE, she doesn’t care because she’s got John Mayer’s titanic peen at home.

Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, Star Magazine is also reporting (on the same cover as the Brangelina story) that Jen has hired a wedding planner.  Again, I call BS.  Ooh, I just remembered one of the first things that ever made me like her – back in an interview she did when she first starting losing weight on “Friends” she said that one of her favorite foods pre-weight loss was white toast with mayonnaise.  Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it because that sh!t is good.

Just Jared is reporting a rumor that Britney is going to host Saturday Night Live on November 22nd.  This would be my wet dream.  She’s always been so good on SNL.  Party at my house if it’s true!

Joaquin Phoenix announced his retirement from films.  He’s going to be focusing on his music career.


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