NKOTB: Pre-show Korean Food – Bad idea?

Korea Town – Not So Glamorous Cuisine

My friends and I were trying to figure out where to meet before the bit NKOTB show.  Me, being my drunken fun self, suggested going to Brother Jimmy’s and getting trashed with trashy people before the show.  My friends thought it would be better to actually eat dinner pre-show.  (I know, crazy, right?)  They decided on a Korean restaurant in Koreatown.  I’m really only telling you this to show that a) I was sober during the show and the fact that I still had an amazing time is extra-amazing and b) Korean food is so incredibly NOT glamorous.  Before you get your panties in a bunch, my korean food loving readers, I will say that I have enjoyed Korean food in the past.  In fact, if you look at our table, it looks like we had an incredibly tasty meal –

See that yummy looking red dish on the bottom left?  Yeah, that was mine.  I had the Spicy Monkfish Casserole.  Mmm…sounds yummy, right?  Now, behold what the monkfish inside the casserole actually looked like when you took it out of it’s spicy red sauce disguise –



Seriously, wtf?!?   I’m a brave eater so I ate it and a little bit of everything else.  Korean food almost ruined my NKOTB experience.  I think if my adrenaline wasn’t pumping at the sight of “The Block”, I probably would have been vomming.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, all I (and all of my peeps) really had to deal with was narly a$s stank breath from the cuisine.


One Response to “NKOTB: Pre-show Korean Food – Bad idea?”

  1. Annie Says:

    Eww…didn’t you bring mints?

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