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Daily Celeb Round Up

So I was totally MIA this weekend so this will be more of a weekend celeb round up.

Danity Kane is now down to two members.  A radio station here in NYC is reporting that Shannon quit the group.  If you’ll recall I told you this group would be nothing with out their skank-in-residence Aubrey O’Day.  Diddy really jacked this one up because they were finally getting popular.  Damaged is still my jam.  What the hell are they gonna do with the two that are left?  I don’t even know their names.  I guess they did need a reason to have a Making the Band 5.  Team Aubrey!

In other Aubrey news, Page Six reported that her and Kanye West were swapping spit at some club.  I know people think he walks on water, but I think Kanye’s a douche.  Someone probably told Aubrey she needed to douche and she got confused and made out with Kanye instead.

Congrats to Amy Poehler and Will Arnett on their new son, Archie!!!  Amy popped on Saturday.  Such a fitting name for their kid.

Amy Winehouse reportedly went to rehab on Saturday to get out of being questioned by police about one of the times she beat someone up.  She’s hit so many people on so many occasions, I don’t think it matters which time they were asking about.  Let’s hope she actually stays in rehab for a while but something tells me she’ll be out by the end of the week.  UPDATE: While I was writing this, her spokespeople came out to say she’s actually in the hospital for some chest issues.  Geez, I wonder if she stopped freebasing, then maybe her chest problems might clear up?

Kirsten Dunst and Justin Long (the mac guy) are still an item.  Perez reported that were seen out and about in NYC this week.  Not that this is terribly exciting gossip or anything, I just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know that I actually like her.  She’s another one of those celebs that all the gossip bloggers love to hate.  Actually, she annoys most people but I have her back.  I don’t really understand why people hate on her so much.  She’s done some really good work as an actress (Hello!  Does anyone remember Drop Dead Gorgeous?) and I think she’s better than most of the other no talent hos out there.  Plus, I think her snaggletooth is kinda cute.  That’s all.  Had to throw that out there.  What do you guys think about her?

There are two new Jennifer Aniston rumors out there.  Seriously, LEAVE THE DAMN GIRL AND HER BIG C*CKED BOYTOY ALONE.  Anyway, rumor #1 is that she’s drop John “horsec*ck” Mayer and started doing the deed with Gerard Butler.  This is all based on her having dinner with Gerard so I call BS on this.  Although, I would fully support her on that endeavor.  Rumor #2 is that the only reason she took the dick back was because he agreed to marry her.  I call BS on this one, too.

Finally, let’s all take a moment to send some positive thoughts and prayers to Jennifer Hudson and her family.  In case you didn’t hear, her mother, brother and nephew were murdered this weekend.  This is truly horrible.


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