Another Rite of Passage – the Drunken Email

So last night while hopped up on Xanax and wine I experience an adult rite of passage, the drunken email.  Now, I get drunk a lot but I’ve never been that girl who sends drunk texts.  I’m the girl that vomits in her stairwell, makes out with ugly guys (and girls, sometimes), trolls the bathrooms of gay bars for nose candy and orders obscene amounts of greasy diner food at 4am, but I’ve NEVER been a drunk dialer/texter.  Anywho…fast forward to this morning when, while brushing my teeth, the image of me writing an email flashes through my mind.  If this was a scene from a movie the shot would have risen above my head while I looked up and screamed “NOOOOOO!”  So, I ride the train into work and, fingers trembling, log into my facebook account to see the most stalkerish, crazy email I’ve ever sent.  Now, you have to understand that this is mortifying for me because one of my dating strengths is my laid back, “I don’t need you” and “I’m not like those other crazy girls out there” attitude.  Now, I am one of those girls.

I tend to live by the idea that if you learn something or get a funny story out of it, then it was worth doing.  I’m gonna chalk this up to that.  I’ve now experience that final dating rite of passage – the drunken email.


One Response to “Another Rite of Passage – the Drunken Email”

  1. katiemadonna Says:

    ummm – you’re heading down a slippery slope Misses. Remember nary a week before a “WTF?” missive was almost sent from your phone? Don’t drink and dial…

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