Daily Dish

DJ AM and Mandy Moore are back together.  Nothing like a near death experience to make you realize who is important to you.  Anyone out there have any ideas about creating the feeling of near death without actually creating an unsafe situation?  If so, we could revolutioning the dating world.  I’ve got a few boys to test it on.

Lindsay Lohan got fired from Ugly Betty.  I neither care nor have the energy to tell you why.  If you’re interested or just plain bored at work, Perez will tell you.

Sorry this post is so short today.  I’ve been fighting a killer urge to eat cake and it’s draining all the energy out of me.  I’m gonna go try to do some actual work to see if that helps kill the little fat girl inside me crying out for cake.  If you wanna kill more time on my site before heading back to work, just keep rewatching the Robert Pattinson post below.  MMm…yum…Robert Pattinson…mmm….yum…cake.


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