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Is Lindsay Lohan starting to crave a little more than Samantha Ronson and her Hitachi Magic Wand?  There are some not so veiled blind items paired with stories about Lindsay Lohan flirting with Chase Crawford that lead us to believe not all is well is their sapphic paradise.  I don’t if this is true but I do think it’s just a matter of time before Lindsay returns to c*ck.  If this is true, it makes sense that she goes for Chase Crawford because he is so darn pretty and delicate.  Personally, I like ‘em a little dirtier…like Ed Westwick.  Yum.   Just for fun I posted a pic of him and my other obsession Robert Pattinson above.  They both look a little worse for wear but it’s cool – I can just imagine it’s what they would look like after a night naughty fun.  Mmm…I really do like ’em dirty.

Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud was seen out and about for the second time this week with Giants cornerback Jason Bell.  I’m probably the only one who cares about this but I had to post it because I lurve, lurve, lurve Girls Aloud and Nadine is my fav.

More Baby News!  Alyson Hannigan is pregnant.  I really like her.  Most people adore her from her stint as Willow from Buffy or as “band girl” from American Pie but I didn’t start digging her until I started watching How I Met Your Mother.  Seriously, if you haven’t watched that show, it’s really great.  Neil Patrick Harris is killer on it.  All the episodes are available to watch online at cbs.com.

Even More Potential Baby News!  Those pregnancy rumors I told you about and quickly dismissed are picking up steam.  There are pics of Jennifer Aniston sporting a little bump on her belly.  I’m still not convinced.  I know that I personally always put on a little bloat when I’m getting some regularly.  Guys always want to eat so you end up going out to restaurants or ordering in which is ALWAYS more fattening than sitting home alone eating a bottle of sauvignon blanc and half a pack of smokes for dinner.  Until I see proof, I’m gonna think it’s just sex bloat.

This one is for the Claymates who’ve been blowing up my site after yesterday’s post.  (Btw…thanks for reading guys!)  My friend over at Could You Imagine? confirmed yesterday that Clay Aiken was dropped from his record label.  If they did this because of low sales, that’s fine, but if it’s because of his recent coming out, that is a whole world of wrong.  Why don’t all of his hardcore fans take it from the blogs to the streets and stand up for him?  So what if he’s gay?  He’s like our generation’s Barry Manilow – ya know, minus the songwriting skills.


2 Responses to “Daily Dish”

  1. Angie Says:

    “My friend over at Could You Imagine? ”

    Oh, so you two are friends? Is he the one who fell for the Manhunt scammer? That explains it.

  2. Cindy Says:

    because most fans would be celebrating if he got away from RCA. They don’t do jack for him.

    Why is your friend the only one that seems to know Clay was dropped? I think if he had been dropped it would have been on Page 6 and Perez. Clay gets Press for everything, hard to believe no one else is reporting this.

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