Watch Out, Boys! Clay Aiken back on Manhunt – Exclusive!

Ok, you have to promise not to tell anyone what I am about to tell you now because I was specifically told not to tell anyone this.  So, shh…don’t get me in trouble.

Clay Aiken is BACK on Manhunt.  (If he ever left, that is.)

My friend got an email from someone without a picture who said he thought my friend was cute.  My friend wrote back saying that he doesn’t talk to people without pictures.  Dude wrote back and said he doesn’t have any pictures because he has a very recognizable face (which is exactly the same line he has used in every one of these reports about him on Manhunt).  My friend says he still doesn’t talk to guys without pics.  Next thing he knows he gets another email with picture attachments and, low and behold, it’s Clay Aiken.  Sadly, my friend didn’t go out with him because he has some weird disease I’ve never heard of called “standards”.

I do feel a little bad about posting this story but, seriously, who tells a girl with a gossip blog, an American Idol fetish and general hatred for gingers a story like this and expect it to not get posted?


11 Responses to “Watch Out, Boys! Clay Aiken back on Manhunt – Exclusive!”

  1. Irene Says:

    “I do feel a little bad about posting this story but, seriously, who tells a girl with a gossip blog, an American Idol fetish and general hatred for gingers a story like this and expect it to not get posted?”

    Of course they wanted you to post it. Duh! The real issue is that these rumors have been sent to bloggers for years and they are all the same because the gossip spreaders are the same. There are a dozen gay networking accounts that claim to be Clay, just like there are over 80 on myspace and Live Journal. Are you really that gullible?

  2. notsoglamorous Says:

    Irene, you have a valid point. There really is no way that we know it is Clay. But, I do have two comments on this:

    1 – He has been known to use Manhunt to meet men. And, not just by anonymous blog reports. Real men have come out and admitted this. Can’t you appreciate how an online dating service might be a good way for a formerly closeted star to meet men? It’s not like he can walk into Splash and say “Hello Boys”.

    2 – I know I’m new to the gossip scene and thus have no street cred, but I don’t report things I hear from “friends of friends of friends” or random stories people send me or, GASP, stories I make up myself. This info was given to my by someone I’ve known for over 6 years.

    Thanks for opening up the dialogue, Irene. Anyone else care to comment?


  3. Rita Says:

    I know that last year at Christmas, there were reports that Clay was online at Manhunt. Except that during those times, he was on stage singing holiday songs.

    Did your friend get professional publicity photos to “prove” he was Clay Aiken?

  4. Kendra Says:

    So what if Clay uses it? Manhunt is a site for consenting adults to meet. If it’s true, the guy is obviously just looking for some companionship. It just seems very mean spirited to spread this kind of gossip.

  5. Mary Says:

    I have no doubt that it’s true. Even though he has come out, Claymates now believe that he’s gay (they have no choice), but would like to believe their Cult Leader is celibate. For years they bashed anyone who said he was gay. They always said they knew him best. Turns out the whole world new him better than them. That’s a hard truth for them to swallow.

  6. notsohappychappyvalleyuglyboy Says:

    4+ years on Manhunt and Clay is still using the same-old same-old lines in an attempt to hook-up. Come on, Clay, come up with something original! Oh, and you might want to try that with your “music”, too.

  7. Angie Says:

    Hi, I’m Angelina Jolie. Wanna go on a date? I’ll send you a publicity picture to prove my identity!

    NSG, your friend has as much chance of meeting Clay Aiken on Manhunt as you have dating Angelina. That jerk have been impersonating Clay for several years now, and if your friend agreed to that date, he would have been stood up, just like other gullible guys before him. No one has ever actually met Clay Aiken through that site, including the infamous stalker who has been lying about it for the last 3 years.

  8. Samantha Says:

    There’s little doubt anymore that Clay does chat on the gay networking sites – Charlie Herschel seems perfectly credibly to me – so it might be him. But, what’s odd about almost all these stories that leak to tabloids and gossip sites is that Clay is always rejected. It seems curious to me and undermines their credibility, as does the very fact that they do tell the same story.

    Assuming this story is true, I have to think that either Clay is incredibly stupid to keep trusting men he meets online or he doesn’t especially care if stories get out.

  9. Here I Am NYC Says:

    I wonder who he gets to watch the baby when he’s tricking?

  10. Angie Says:

    “I have no doubt that it’s true. ”

    Yeah, sure. (insert eyeroll here). You’re probably one of the impersonators.

    These haters have been spreading lies about Clay for years, and it’s unfortunate that some innocent gay guys have fallen for their scams.

  11. Annie Says:

    Oh snap! I sense Claymates in here!

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