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Daily Celeb Round-up

This just in – uber famous people are crazy.  I know, shocker.  As you might remember, I’m refraining from posting news on the Madonna/Ritchie divorce because you can read about it elsewhere and I’ve already made my comments.  However, I AM going to comment on some of the crazy a$s details about her that are leaking because some of it is too rich to pass up.  My favorite of the day comes from a Daily Mail article: “Madonna is so obsessed about lines of age showing on her face, she refuses to allow sunlight – even through windows – to touch her skin and drapes herself in linen sheets and towels in order to escape the sun’s damaging rays.” Let’s all work on a mental image of this: Madonna with a sheet over her head with only her sinewy arms poking out to keep her from running into things.  Those poor kids.  I cannot wait for David Banda to write his tell-all.  OOh…I think I just came up with my Halloween outfit – a white sheet with some holes for my eyes.  People will ask if I’m a ghost and I’ll be like “B!tch, please.  I’m Madonna.”

It looks like the Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer reunion rumors are true.  They celebrated his birthday together last night in LA.  Ride it, Jen!

Spears News:  This comeback is really happening.  Our girl, B, officially launched her new website today.  http://www.britneyspears.com

The following people may or may not be:

Miley Cyrus – banging a 20 year old model

Ali Lohan – 40

Rihanna – stepping out on Chris Brown with Kanye West

Katie Price & Peter Andre – getting divorced


One Response to “Daily Dish”

  1. lymn Says:

    Britney,Ali,Miley,Madonna,Lindsay,Paris,Jamie Lynn
    and a few other hot babes should all be put into
    a big tub of jello,and have a wrestling match.

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