The Eating Habits of Tyra Banks (and other juicy deets)

Here’s another exclusive report from our resident restaurant snoop:

“Ok, so Tyra has been a regular at my restaurant, sometimes coming in twice a week.  She is always with the same man.  Definitely more than canoodling!  Ive seen her kiss him on the lips and so forth.  She asked my manager if he spoke Spanish.  And then preceded to tell an anecdote of when they (her and her lover) were on vacation in Cali or Mexico.  I do know he works in finance.  Their relationship is bi-coastal.  And its been going on for years.  He is about 6″8”, very handsome and well dressed.

OHH, and the Tyra diet.  Yes she loves to eat!  In the beginning of the week she ONLY eats vegetarian.  In the middle of the week she integrates fishes. And by the end of the week she’s eating a rack of ribs!  She orders a lot of sides with her entree.
On to Top Model news: she was on the phone most of her dinner with I’m assuming a producer from the show.  She was mentioning the girls arriving in San Paolo.  Getting Samba dancers and batacuda drummers to meet them on their arrival.  A photo shoot with masks was mentioned (is this new crop so ugly she wants to hid their faces??).”
And there you have it.  Riveting reporting, I know.

2 Responses to “The Eating Habits of Tyra Banks (and other juicy deets)”

  1. Annie Says:

    You’re on NY Mag! Hell yes!

  2. Rosebud é o trenó! » Notícias do Trenó Says:

    […] Episódio de American Next Top Model vai ser feito em São Paulo com mulatas […]

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