It’s called a pre-nup, people.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are getting divorced.  I’m not going to go into any further detail because I know all of you have been reading up on it.  What I am going to say is WTF is up with them NOT having a pre-nup?  What the hell?  That is more retarded than the kid my alcoholic, crackheaded cousin had with her brother.  (Ok, that’s not true…at least not the part about her being a crackhead…I mean, she freebased every now and then but, really, who doesn’t?  You get the point.)

Whether you think she walks on water or is a raging biznatch, you gotta admit this is the height of stupidity.  Homegirl is worth $500,000,000.  I’m worth about $5 and you’d best be sure I would guarantee that any man wouldn’t get his hands on it.  Maybe all that Kaballah got to her brains and she thought this was going to last but what’s the harm in a pre-nup?  I know a lot of girls who have a problem with them but I don’t get it.  If you are the world’s most perfectest couple to ever have lived, it won’t matter that you signed one because you are never going to need it.  And if you do end up needing it, then great!  It makes the whole process that much easier which gives you more time to go out and be a drunken slut.


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