Daily Dish

Daily Celeb Round-Up

Ex-Files:  David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are getting divorced.  The surprising thing here is that he dumped her for getting sexy text messages from Billy Bob Thorton.  Isn’t that a case of the sex-addict calling the kettle black?

In light of the divorce news, the rumors about Madonna and A-Rod dating are swirling again.  Let’s hope she remembers the pre-nup this time.

Spears News:  It’s been a while since I’ve reported on the goings on in everyone’s favorite Bayou Clan.  I think the fact that her “Womanizer” video didn’t look like Preston and J.J. made it dumbfounded me into silence for a few days.  In extremely good news for our girl B, the track just broke records by jumping from #96 to #1.  She also beat Mariah Carey’s record for first week download sales for a female artist.   This is huge, y’all. She has also hired a company to start the early phases of planning her world tour!

Not that you care but, Lisa Bonet is very pregnant.

On the Today Show this morning, Angelina said that Brangelina are going to adopt another kid.  I think what they do is awesome and worthy of their godlike status, but shouldn’t you wait til you are done breastfeeding your twins before you go kid shopping?  Just aksin’.

City Sighting! For the two of you who remember her, Fatima from the last cycle of ANTM (the one that looks like a broke down version of Iman) was spotted at a midtown Chipotle location.  Our spotters noticed two interesting things: 1 – she was getting food at Chipotle (disclaimer: no one saw her eat it) and 2 – she’s much shorter than a model should be.


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