Gossip Girl Exclusive

So, I spent a number of years in the restaurant industry before moving to my current office gig and still keep in touch with one fabulous friend from the trenches.  Here’s is his exclusive tale of a Gossip Girl eating (I know!  Actually EATING!!!) in his hip Lower East Side restaurant:

“So I waited on Leighton Meister, Zoe Kravitz, and Barbara Bush last night. They were with VOGUE, 19 ppl.  Leighton sat at the head of the table with some guy (her bf??) they were definitely canoodling.  In between them was an intern or assistant, then Barbara Bush (the young one) and Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lenny and Lisa Bonet).  Leighton ordered 3 appetizers (tuna salad, butternut squash soup and cheese sliders) Bush and Kravitz ordered the crispy cheeseburger right away and split it.  Leighton was hitting back the Sangria and ordered another pitcher right away for her side of the table.  Bush and Kravitz might have been slightly buzzed, but ALL were very nice.  Leighton had a crispy cheesburger for her entree.  Bush ordered a one legged mule and my coworker put it right next to her.  She got up moved around and then told me she wanted to cancel the one legged mule (our version of a dark and stormy). I told her “Miss, I’m so sorry it was right next to you, you left it at your other seat.”  Nothing too juicy but Leighton is taller/prettier in person.”

There you have it.  Another moment of hard hitting journalism brought to you by Not So Glamorous!  Feel free to email me with any encounters you might have with the not so glamorous stars.


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