In Support of Jennifer Aniston

The big story in today’s gossip world is that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer spent a weekend together in NYC and may be back together.  I personally have no real opinion on this.  I mean, he’s blatantly a douche but I also hear he’s hung like a rocket ship so, frankly, he can act however the F he wants.  I mean, if you have a tiny peen, you need to be nice and know how to work it in other areas but if you have horsec*ck, you barely even need to know how to use it – stick it in and all will take care of itself.  ANYWAY…

My beef with even my most beloved bloggers out there is that they are all so mean to Jennifer Aniston.  WTF?  God forbid she hasn’t found another permanent relationship after her husband left her for another woman.  Another woman who just happens to be Angelina Jolie.  I mean, I’m still pissed that my ex got with a new woman immediately after our split and his new lady friend has a muppet horsey face.  I can only imagine what it would be like if it was the sexiest woman in the world.  So, what if she hasn’t found a new husband.  Everytime things end with a guy, the blogs jump on it like JenAn is slitting her wrists in the bathroom or something.  Maybe, just maybe, she rode that peen til it broke and got rid of it when the man attached to it tried to talk about feelings.  As for the whole John Mayer thing, you all know if an old flame with a giant member who knows how to use that member called you up, you would totally take a ride on that train.  Don’t lie…ain’t no shame in that.

In conclusion, I just think we should all try to look at JenAn from a different point of view.  She’s hot and rich, maybe she’s the one dropping the guys in pursuit of the newer, hotter piece down the street.  Maybe she’s the one deciding to stay single and not the other way around.  Oh, and, people talk smack about her movies but they make a TON of money.  They cost nothing to make and always do really well in the box office.  Ok, I’m done.  Thanks for reading the rant.


3 Responses to “In Support of Jennifer Aniston”

  1. katiemadonna Says:

    JenAn is the everywoman. She is to f*cked over women as Willy Lowman was to Salesmen.

  2. Here I Am NYC Says:

    Sup NSG,

    Living in NYC I’m sure we both have met people that work in the Entertainment Industry, be it a B, D or F-star or a photographer or cameraman. From them, I’ve always heard that the people that get the bad press deserve it. I think the reason people are so mean to JennAnn is because she is a bitch. She may be beautiful, powerful and self empowered, but if you piss off a photographer that is also a gossip blogger and/or knows someone at TMZ, guess what – the public is going to hear about it. I think JennAnn should just stop being a hateful guarded cunt and then the bad press would stop. Or she could at least act like she’s not a frigid bitch. She is an actress right?

    As far as John Mayer is concerned, that’s a man I could go back to over and over again. I always was good at pogo stick.

  3. notsoglamorous Says:

    While I acknowledge that it is entirely possible that JenAn is a snatch, I haven’t heard any stories to prove it. She would have to be a superbitch to deserve all the bad press that she gets. If she’s THAT bad, where are all the blind items and crazy stories. Find one and we can reevaluate your argument.

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