What ever happened to Britney’s old assistant, Fe?

This post is for my friend K who requested I do a little research on the whereabouts of Britney’s old assistant Felicia Culotta, aka Fe.  You all remember her, she was the older, dumpy woman that was always with B back in the good old days.  She also played the teacher in B’s …Baby One More Time video and was heavily featured in the non-emmy award winning docudrama Chaotic.  Anywho…

Turns out Fe is working as the personal assistant to my archenemies The Jonas Brothers.  Side note: I don’t like them because they are prettier than me and have way better hair.  As it turns out, The Jonas Brothers also employ B’s old bodyguarg Big Rob.  For hatemongering purposes, let’s add the Jonai to the list of reasons why B went ape shit.


One Response to “What ever happened to Britney’s old assistant, Fe?”

  1. katiemadonna Says:

    YAY! Felicia is still employed in the pop music field. Even if she could only get a job with the Jonai. Can’t wait to read your next hard hitting journalistic endeavor on the Spears dynasty beat.

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