Oh, the lengths we will go to try to meet a nice boy – or get a not so nice boy to meet us temporarily.  Anywho, the latest scheme I’ve been approached with is joining a “casual volleyball league”.  I’m telling myself that I am considering it because it might be a) a good way to make some new friends, b) something to do on a lazy Sunday, and c) get some exercise.  Yeah, right.  We’re all going on the off chance that the server on the other team is a hot stud.  As I tend to break things whenever I do anything althletic, let’s just hope he’s a hot stud with a medical degree.


One Response to “Volleyball”

  1. Annie Says:

    You’re going to join crazyblinddate.com with me. ‘Cuz we crazy like that.

    Or party with my roommate’s doctor friends.

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