Kick Him to the Curb!

Perez is reporting that insiders are saying Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards are no longer living together & have separated.  Good for her!  I was a huge John Edwards fan in the day but you just don’t go around cheating on your wife, fathering another child with another woman, giving your mistress a cushy fake job on your campaign, get your rich friends to pay your mistress money, get your friends to lie and say she’s their mistress, visit the mistress at a hotel, run away from the National Enquirer and lock yourself in a public restroom.  Come on!  You just don’t do that…especially if your wife has terminal cancer.


Daily Dish

Jermaine Jackson is saying that there will be a Jackson 5 reunion tour and Janet will be their opening act.  I HIGHly doubt this.  If Michael is going to mount a production, why wouldn’t he do it on his own and collect all the cash for himself?

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated is coming back for another season.  Finally, we have more brazilian waxes and spray tan episodes to look forward to.  Seriously, did she do anything else on that show?  Oh, right, she called a woman a cunt.  Good times.

Sienna Miller is suing the paparazzi for following her around.  Boo hoo.  Let’s all feel bad for the poor, little, rich, no talent actress who photographers care way too much about.  Why do people care about her? I don’t even know why I’m writing about her.  All I know is that she used to F Jude Law back when he had hair.  Lucky b!tch.

Daily Dish

Star Magazine is reporting that Angelina is getting jealous because Brad has been spending a lot of time with his ‘Inglorious Bastard” costar Diane Kruger (who was also in “Troy” with him).  Apparently she whispered in his ear or something at a dinner.  While I do believe you need to be careful about stealing a man from another woman because it’s a karmic rule that he’ll then get stolen from you but, I do not believe this.  There needs to be more proof.  I think whispering is really rude but sometimes you have to do it, especially at dinner.  She could have been asking for a tampon, talking about needing to make a major #2 or politely asking him to stop talking about his children (because breeders always want to talk about diapers and spelling tests).  Oh, and of course this gives the gossip world another opportunity to talk about poor, poor Jennifer Aniston.  PLEASE, she doesn’t care because she’s got John Mayer’s titanic peen at home.

Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, Star Magazine is also reporting (on the same cover as the Brangelina story) that Jen has hired a wedding planner.  Again, I call BS.  Ooh, I just remembered one of the first things that ever made me like her – back in an interview she did when she first starting losing weight on “Friends” she said that one of her favorite foods pre-weight loss was white toast with mayonnaise.  Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it because that sh!t is good.

Just Jared is reporting a rumor that Britney is going to host Saturday Night Live on November 22nd.  This would be my wet dream.  She’s always been so good on SNL.  Party at my house if it’s true!

Joaquin Phoenix announced his retirement from films.  He’s going to be focusing on his music career.

NKOTB Concert: The Review

The NKOTB concert at Madison Square Garden was amazing.  Like, beyond amazing.  We were trying to play it a little cool, but the second the pyrotechnics started before they got on stage we were screaming like eight year old girls.  Here’s the official Not So Glamorous review…

Lady Gaga was the first opening act.  I like her single but I don’t quite understand why everyone is so obsessed with her right now.  (Maybe just because Perez keeps cramming her down our throats?)  I’ve posted a pic below and you can see how her set would be really impressive and cool when done in a club but it just didn’t translate to Madison Square Garden.  I will say she did look smoking hot and the girl has amazing legs.  Her backup dancers were off timing wise and just generally looked like a hot mess.  It’s probably another problem with translating a club show to a massive arena but, frankly, I could put together a better crew of boys just by combing the dance floor of Sugarland on a Saturday night. She was also a little annoying when she made a big announcement of “Tonight a star is born!” in reference to herself.  No, sweetie, tonight you opened up for the star who opened up for NKOTB.

Natasha Bedingfield was the second opening act.  It was boring but she did a good job – even though there were times it felt like she was screaming at me.  Sister’s got a really big voice.  Her new haircut is BUSTED!  It looks like someone took a weed wacker to one side of head.

New Kids on the Block was, again, amazing.  They rightly refer to themselves as “The Block” now instead of the “New Kids”.  Like I said before, I was shocked by how darn right exciting it was.  When you think about it, the average girl (and some boys) my age spent years of her childhood imaging growing up and being married to one of these guys.  I used to get into fistfights with my cousin over which one of us got Jordan as her husband when we played house.  She was bigger and usually won so my affections quickly turned to Jon.  Anyway, you couldn’t even hear their first song because everybody was screaming like crazy.  Here’s a pic of their entrance:

Thanks to American Express pre-sale we had floor seats about 100 yards away from the stage.  They really gave their all to the audience.  They sang everysong you wanted them to sing and only made us listen to about 4 of the songs from the new album.  Jordan even got to do that single he came out with like 10 years ago.  That shizz is my jam still.  Anyway, so one of the most exciting parts of the night was when we noticed a piano on a small round stage in the center of the floor…oh, only about 25 feet from us.  We were so ridiculously close.  Here’s my favorite picture from the small stage.  You can see how much fun they are having with the whole thing:

It was interesting that all the guys slipped right back into their old roles.  Now, I’m gonna break each of ’em down for ya, after the jump.

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NKOTB: Pre-show Korean Food – Bad idea?

Korea Town – Not So Glamorous Cuisine

My friends and I were trying to figure out where to meet before the bit NKOTB show.  Me, being my drunken fun self, suggested going to Brother Jimmy’s and getting trashed with trashy people before the show.  My friends thought it would be better to actually eat dinner pre-show.  (I know, crazy, right?)  They decided on a Korean restaurant in Koreatown.  I’m really only telling you this to show that a) I was sober during the show and the fact that I still had an amazing time is extra-amazing and b) Korean food is so incredibly NOT glamorous.  Before you get your panties in a bunch, my korean food loving readers, I will say that I have enjoyed Korean food in the past.  In fact, if you look at our table, it looks like we had an incredibly tasty meal –

See that yummy looking red dish on the bottom left?  Yeah, that was mine.  I had the Spicy Monkfish Casserole.  Mmm…sounds yummy, right?  Now, behold what the monkfish inside the casserole actually looked like when you took it out of it’s spicy red sauce disguise –



Seriously, wtf?!?   I’m a brave eater so I ate it and a little bit of everything else.  Korean food almost ruined my NKOTB experience.  I think if my adrenaline wasn’t pumping at the sight of “The Block”, I probably would have been vomming.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, all I (and all of my peeps) really had to deal with was narly a$s stank breath from the cuisine.

New Kids on the Block

Tonight I am going to see NKOTB live in concert!  Expect a full report tomorrow.  I’ve been watching old videos on YouTube and came across a song I don’t even remember.  It’s called “Dirty Dawg” and it’s NKOTB trying to be hard core.  It’s highlarious.  Below, for your pleasure:

Real Housewives of Atlanta

This weekend I had the sheer joy of catch the first three episodes of this show on Bravo.  It is by far my favorite in the “Real Housewives” franchise.  These women are so catty and OTT it’s awesome.

The one thing that really annoys me about the show is Sheree.  She’s going through a nasty divorce from some NBA player.  Over and over again she keeps talking about how people are jealous of her because of all of her accomplishments and success like she actually did anything.  All she did was marry a rich dude!?!  WTF.

Then there is Kim.  Ah, Kim.  She’s this trashy white woman who is obviously someone’s mistress because her man won’t show himself on TV.  Oh, and she says she’s a “black woman trapped in a white woman’s body” and that she’s “29” and that she’s a “size 2” and that she’s a “country singer”.  I kind of love her for her lies.  She obviously believes it and I think that’s really special.